State Policy Hub

States are the laboratory for health policy.

State Policy Hub

Impact Health Policy Partners’s biweekly brief of state policy developments for federal affairs professionals. Every two weeks, Impact provides topline analysis of major policy developments in the states that mirror the federal trends. Policy areas include:

  • Drug Pricing
  • Medicaid
  • Reinsurance
  • Surprise Medical Billing
  • Opioid Epidemic
  • State Public Options
  • State Waivers
  • Insurance Marketplaces
  • Abortion Debate
  • Tobacco Reform

For each event identified, we generate a heading intended to give clients a topline understanding of the development, accompanied by a paragraph of analysis that presents context on the timing, content, and potential next steps for that particular policy. Overall, our goal is to ensure that clients understand the state-level trends that will influence the policy debate in Washington, D.C.

States are the Laboratory for Health Policy

This information is vital for Federal audiences because states are often the forerunner of key trends that ultimately find their way to Washington. They are a proving ground for both the politics and policy of health care law and regulation. Medicaid and insurance market reform are just two of the many issues that demonstrate the confluence of Federal and State policymaking. Lest we forget that the core components of the Affordable Care Act were directly based on Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Care.