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Comments on CMS’ ACO Proposal

MedPAC submitted comments to CMS on the agency’s recent proposal to overhaul the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP)/Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). MedPAC says that, “[o]n balance, the proposed rule represents a major advance for the MSSP” and commends CMS for many of the proposals advanced in the rule, including the accelerated glide-path toward two-sided risk models. However, MedPAC suggests that… (Pahner, 10/15/18) #Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), #Delivery Reform

Updated Work Plan Released

The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued an updated work plan outlining various new projects the agency intends to conduct including: (1) a data brief delineating early results from the Opioid State Targeted Response Grants (details); and (2) Medicaid capitation payments made on behalf of incarcerated individuals (details)(Pahner, 10/15/18) #Behavioral and Mental Health, #Grants, #Opioids, #Pharmaceuticals