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Administrator Reiterates Commitment to Lower Drug Costs; Approves Michigan Medicaid Value-based Drug Payment Plan

In remarks to the Biopharma Congress, CMS Administrator Seema Verma reiterated the Trump Administration’s commitment to addressing rising pharmaceutical costs and expounded upon its proposals regarding Medicare Part B and Part D drug coverage. Specifically, Administrator Verma discussed the recently-announced International Pricing Index (IPI) model (details) under Part B, as well as Part D reforms, including additional plan leverage in benefit design;… (Pahner, 11/14/18) #340B, #Demonstration Programs, #Medicare Part D, #Pharmaceuticals

ACA Marketplace Numbers Dip in Early Weeks of 2019 Open Enrollment

CMS released updated Marketplace data for the 39 states leveraging the federal Healthcare.gov platform during the second week of 2019 Open Enrollment. CMS estimates that 804,556 individuals selected plans during the second week of 2019 Open Enrollment, for a total of 1,176,232 enrollees during the first two weeks (10 days) of the enrollment season. These numbers are down roughly 20.4 percent… (Pahner, 11/14/18) #Eligibility and Enrollment, #Health Insurance Exchanges